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is this a good time? 
you can find the mode in options


i have a really good score of 67

Good job :)


this game is easy

do endless get a score of over 150, then post a pic, show us how easy it is

it's fuckin hard to do bruh 


So freaking good.  The music is excellent, and the game itself is a lot of fun.

great game i struggled at first but once i got hang of the controls loved it very challenging at some parts too.

Fun and straightforward. Love the art and music. Awesome job.

Great game!! I like the gameplay and the music a lot :D Good job!!

Also I have some feedback for improve the game, so if you’re interested to hear it, where I can send it?

Very interesting mechanic. Nice game, great design.

best game 10/10


Amazing game!


These people understood gaming

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Amazing Game


this game is really good! the music slaps, the gameplay's great, and the graphics are quite awesome.


my controls are kind of bad so I can't play it, usually because I just never use spacebar + arrowkey. It was really good though, loved the audio AND the artstyle!


nice game !!!


very cool game, nice art, and the gottem hand lmao

Awesome game.
Well done.

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My best on endless is 28!


coolmath stole this


Nah they paid we love coolmath : )


Absolutely awesome game! The mechanic is super cool and I love the extra levels for some extra challenge. 




this game had such a cool core mechanic, keep up the great work!


I saw this on cool math games and the gameplay was fun, engaging, and hit that spot of being fast planning out the rest of the level based on how you messed up. Still have no idea how this relates to math but it is cool and is a game :)



Very nice game. Great job


i speedran the game without speedrun mod


cool game ig


This game was awesome!!


This is so amazing. Has an relativley good length, plays kinda smooth. The player looks like hornet (from hollow knight(you should definitley play it. its so worth)) and sry for my bad spelling i am german not english. But hey one of the best games on itch i have found so far.

this music slaps for no reason

tragically short, could have played for hours

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2:33:11 2:05:03 2:00:34 1:57.21 1:55:15

I would have gotten a sub 1:50 but I threw at the end

SELF if you want to speedrun the game               

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endless score 63


wow. love this game. The dash mechanic is very fun and hard to master. Also, BANGER OSTS LIKE DAMNNNNNN?!!!!!!

I really prefer the endless so far sad 9 combo working on 10 perhaps 20?

how do you see what time you got

you go in to setting and then turn on speedrun mode on

ok, thanks!



really unique dash mechanic; I enjoyed it a lot


Great game. had a hard time controlling the arc of how the soul range went. 

I gotta say this game is really cool, but quite hard. I can't even get past the first level XD

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