who are you

SELF is a short game about a lost soul

recover the fragments of your SELF

be touched by the higher being


move : wasd/arrows/left joystick

 jump :  w/up/space/bottom button 

 soul :  x/e/left button/triggers 

materialized by

mmatt_ugh design, art

 dev_dwarf  programming

connor grail sound, music

what to do

play through the game normally

play the game speedrun style

play endless mode

please support us

please donate if you would like us to expand the game

donations above $10 USD can access the source code

we would love to make SELF a full length game

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(625 total ratings)
Authorsdev_dwarf, mmatt_ugh, cgrail
Made withAseprite, GameMaker: Studio
TagsFast-Paced, GameMaker, Pixel Art, self, Space, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksNewgrounds, Soundtrack


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Source Code [requires GMS2] 21 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more

Development log


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my speedrun. not anything impressive but i think i went reasonably fast

so good but so hard

first try at speedrunning, this game is amazing!

I swear the time was not intentional

hey! New pb! :D

I really like the game idea and how it got realized. Very nice atmosphere. In the web version there's one strange bug happening to me every time I press 'Q'. Game just turn black.

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I would like it to be a full game

INCREDIBLE! This is such a tight demo. It NEEDS to be a full game.

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This is insanely good! The mechanics, aesthetic, symbolism, soundtrack... pretty much every aspect of this game feels so polished and this is not even a full game yet. Even this project page is perfect :D

Configurable controls would make this even better but other than that there's nothing to complain about.

I'm hyped for the full release! I hope you're still working on it


really fun game! I enjoyed it. I like the style of the game. The mechanics was hard for me to learn for a bit but it gets easier the more I play. The soundtracks also bopping.


It's Epic!



omg this is so good, feels super polished i loved it


desperately needs a level editor


Ultracool game. Everything n this game is cool! Espetially music, art and gameplay.


19 in the endless mode !

Your game was amazing, I enjoyed every levels ! Everything is perfectly made, the soundtrack and effects on the music are insane, the gameplay feels really smooth and fun, and graphism are cool (especially the hands) !

Well done !


very good game, enjoyed a lot!




This is amazing!


very good game, even if its pretty hard.


MAKE A MOBILE VERSION, dude this game is awesomwe! Imagine if available for phones?!? It'd be a banger!



Really cool game!, played it all and some time in the endless version. Love the mechanic and the levels where not hard yet really fun. Also the whole aesthetic and music/sfx are great too! 


fresh game
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my time 2:50:?


Definitely a unique control for a platformer. My only complaint is that you use the left stick for control instead of the D-pad; that makes twitch moves harder to pull off in the bonus stages than they should be.


level editer? plz

you can buy the project file and make levels using gamemaker!

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I'm a kid in school 13yo so i cant 

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2 secrets in the game 

speedrun secrets time 2:19:68

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speedrun time 1:58:21 


Stunningly amazing work!


bro this is so awesome!! i had to wait 5-7 minutes to wait before it loaded because i am in a potato pc but i don't regret waiting . this monstrosity is flippin' awesome !!!

God done went and got us all. And we ain't even notice...


Holy shit this rules




i was not expecting a game this cool.


I loved your game and I made a gameplay on my channel


This is really good!

I know everyone is going to say this, but the soundtrack is amazing.

The gameplay (although hard) is fair and it's easy to see where I fail a challenge so that I can try again confident.

It's a well designed game.


absolute banger of a soundtrack

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I was not supposed to spend my entire week on this game.

it was made for you


one of the best free games I have ever played I have been playing this for hours


Great game! really caught me. I wasn't looking to play anything, just browsing but this game pulled me in immediately

Glad to hear it!


Idk why, but this game is by far one of my favorite games. the soundtrack, the color scheme, EVERYTHING is just perfect...

Thanks :)

Just finished the final challenge level. This was great! Well done!

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