who are you

SELF is a short game about a lost soul

recover the fragments of your SELF

be touched by the higher being


move : wasd/arrows/left joystick

 jump :  w/up/space/bottom button 

 soul :  x/e/left button/triggers 

materialized by

mmatt_ugh design, art

 dev_dwarf  programming

connor grail sound, music

what to do

play through the game normally

play the game speedrun style

play endless mode

please support us

please donate if you would like us to expand the game

donations above $10 USD can access the source code

we would love to make SELF a full length game


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Source Code [requires GMS2] 21 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more

Development log


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i just finished it, i don't usually play these kind of games but this was really fun!! i thought i was going to give up midway but i ended up doing the whole thing, i enjoyed it alot :) i might try to speedrun it tomorrow


This might be the best platformer i've played in a while, and i'm not joking when i say that. This game is fresh, creative, looks and sounds amazing (props for the music btw, coming from a fellow producer), and it had me hooked, especially with the endless mode. Props to you man, what an awesome game.

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, This game is amazing, why so short.

i just did 2:00:38


For every speedrunner, here is the speedrun.com self page.


im the only mod for now, if someone wants to be mod dm me, socials are on speedrun.com

hope you guys enjoy


I'd recommend joining the discord to chat with other speedrunners: https://discord.gg/5URwf82


thank you really much dwarf, love you and the game you all made


Just requested this game on speedrun.com, I hope it gets approved

They denied it a while ago for being a demo.

i just requested it, they approved

2:17:14 pb :D


I'm a little rusty, since I haven't played in a few months, but it looks like I still got it! Sub 3!

well well well

would you look at that

endless 25

amazing (: 

Cool stuff ;] and the music's dope

Holly dog this game is insaaaane!

su música es muy buena y me lo voy a descargar :D

i beat the entire game with a controller ( its easier ) 

It actually is XD

cool music

Really good game.

damn I didn't hooked on a game like this quite a while xd

What a fun and unique twist on a platformer! It was so simple, but I had a ton of fun and it's so cool!! I played it in this game compilation video!

Game was really fun. Really enjoy that soul mechanic

this game was a lot of fun,  i really liked stringing a bunch of those sling things together. the soul-sling is a really fun mechanic. the art style is very nice and is clearly lovingy crafted. the one critisism i do have is that the music itslef is good but i dont think it fits well with this game.   

over all, i had a TON of fun with this, and i cant wait to see what other projects this dev makes in the future

This game was really great! The art was very nice and the mechanics were very fun and interesting!

I love the graphics and music! Just wishing it was a little longer and included some kind of story. Overall fantastic game!

A really good game!

gostei muito desse jogo faz parte dois e por sinal parece ser ruim mais..... é MUITO bom


This game is very fun. As a platformer fan, I enjoyed the visuals and graphics as much as the gameplay. Perfect length, and I would like to see this continued! Great job.

Notable, an awesome itch.io page. I like how the comments are floating, awesome job at that too.


My review is perfect now.  yup.

thats it? its so good

a musica é otima, bem frenetico e maravilhoso, um dos melhores jogos do itch.io


Incredible pixelart and soundtrack



Speedrun 2:23:17

How to pause/restart level or exit level


waiting for more levels that was really fun

(1 edit)

awsome game


hello can i use the ost for my game and i credit you


Beat it in 2 minutes. Awesome game!!!

good game

cool effect with the words awesome game

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