One Month of Lianthus

17600 views, 3600 downloads, 47 payments,  and a feeling of dread as I try to remember how to start a new project.

First month of release is going great!

I have a lot less to say than after the first week, but I continue to be blown away by all the people looking at/downloading/buying the game! Makes me super happy to have so many people interested in my creation.

For those interested in the techniques used for the games artstyle, I have a couple of articles on medium that can help you out: 1, 2. But also, I'm planning on selling the source code of the game for those that want to take a deeper look (and support my games!). I'm having trouble coming up with a price that both reflects the amount of work this took but also isnt inhibitively expensive. If you have a suggestion, feel free to message me. 

In other news, i'm hosting a gamejam next month! You can check out more on the jam's page, but basically you take an old abandoned game of yours, and make it into a small prototype/game in 2 weeks. It's called the Revival Jam.

If your looking for a team you can post in my discord: (and also be in my discord to get hyped for whatever comes after Lianthus, and even share your own development work)

That's all for now, ill see ya in a year.

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