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the video trailer matches the itchio page. That's pretty clever. Looks great :)

very cute little game. I think the overworld theme really added a lot of charm and kept me going.

Hi there :) Your game looks really interesting & I want to play it, but I have some difficulty with the controls. I can move the character using WASD but I can't interact with options in the menu & objects in-game even when I try clicking with the mouse or pressing Enter/Space/Z. May I find out what are the controls for your game? Thank you! :)

p.s. I'm playing on Windows btw!

How do I talk to the vision-having guy again? There doesn't seem to be a button to talk.


Hi, I've been really knvested in a specific type of game I've wanted to make since I was a kid, and as I developed it further I started by decided I wanted 2d characters in a 3d world, but recently I've been realizing a fake 3d might be the best direction for it, because I want it to be cheap and optimized for a large numbers of players in real time action, real time action being difficult due to latency, etc. I want to do something like several layers of mode 7 paired with like a simple ray tracer like wolfenstein 3D to connect the various "levels of elevation" represented by mode 7, and make a simple but fun online platformer collectathon action game. Is there any chance anyone on here might wanna help me make an ultra optimized mmo platformer with character and charm spewing out the... ya' know? 

Hi dev_dwarf! Ive been a big fan of your content and games for a while, but sadly I cant play alot of them because im on mac, I was wondering do you plan on doing a mac Port for this game?

I don't, but as the game is open source, someone could make one now! You could download gamemaker studio 2 and the project file and play it that way I think.


This game was awesome, a really well put together little adventure! Fun exploration and a couple pretty challenging bosses. Really glad I ended up checking this out, I had a great time :)

He should make a linux version and this game looks really cool.


you can do Linux version please


This is hands down the best game I've ever played on Loved the design and boss fights!


Thank you so much! so glad to hear that.

Aw man it looks great but runs really slow on my computer, any fix?

sorry, the game is poorly optimized :(

my future games will have better performance


Nah I think its my old computer, keep uo the good work!!!

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