Stack3D 1.1

This devlog is to announce version 1.1 of Stack3D!

This release includes:

  • support for drawing surfaces in the 3d world
  • updated drawing: everything is now drawn to a surface before being drawn to screen (this could allow you to add lighting ontop of everything)
  • enhanced support for walls
    • There is a new wall model, without a roof
    • You can select certain sides to be removed from any wall model
  • updates to ds_maps used for buffers and textures
    • The system now gets buffers and textures using strings, which allows for additional metadata to be used
    • Objects no longer need to retrieve their buffer and texture every frame, instead, call reload_buffer_and_texture() when the sprite changes
  • minor bugfixes

Thats everything! Enjoy the new release.

In the future, I may update the demo build to use some of the new features. If you need help with any of the changes, please reach out to me on discord.


stack3D_1.1.yyz 239 kB
May 02, 2021
stack3D.yyz 231 kB
Jan 25, 2021

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